Q: I am responsible for purchasing furniture for the company—what do I need to know, and what trips up most people?

A: The most significant hindrance to a successful design or redesign of office space is failure to plan. We need to understand how you will use the space, the functions of the people in that space and your budget to provide the best recommendations and products.

Q: Will I be charged space-planning, design or drawing fees?         

A: Our most valuable asset is—our experience and expertise., If you buy through Monarch it includes fee-free comprehensive design services. We will do field measurements that are converted into drawings to maximize your workspace options. There are additional charges if more complex drawings such as CADs are requested.

Q: I need my order by a certain date—what is the process to ensure I will have it to meet my deadline?

A:  Planning and ordering well in advance of the date needed will help to ensure your order will be there when you need it.  The clock starts on your order once it is processed by the manufacturer, changes made after the order was submitted will require additional time to incorporate those changes. 

Q: Is your pre-owned furniture commercial or residential, and what if I want extra pieces in the future?

A:  Commercial furniture is built to handle the wear and tear of daily use in high traffic environments. It must meet stringent ANSI/BIFMA standards that is not required for residential furniture. We carry a wide selection of pre-owned commercial furnishings, but availability is limited to stock on hand.

Q: What payment terms do you accept, and do you finance?

A:  All new orders require a 50% deposit, all pre-owned furniture/cubicles require payment-in-full when the order is placed, all custom orders require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of product ordered. We do not provide financing.

Q: What is a small order fee, and why am I being charged that fee?                                                   

A: Most manufacturers have a minimum dollar amount for shipping orders, and  that amount is different for each manufacturer.  Orders that do not exceed that amount are subject to a Small Order Fee. Monarch does not receive any benefit from the fees charged by manufacturer.

Q: I can purchase furniture through well-known online sites, can I also purchase these products at Monarch?        

A:   Yes, we can certainly help you source products to achieve your desired look and budget. As a dealer, we have access to commercial grade products that is unavailable to the public. We can show you how you can achieve your desired look, within that same budget at no additional cost to you.

Q: I keep hearing about product delays and shortages, what happens if my order is delayed?                                             

A:  Office furniture whether manufactured internationally or domestically requires a tremendous number of components. One missing element such as steel, acrylic or foam can create a production delay.   Monarch will always keep you update and will create reasonable solutions that best fit your needs.  

Monarch Office Furniture’s success is rooted in integrity, doing right by our clients, and helping you achieve a functional well thought out space.