What Size Cubicle are you Considering?Do you have a floor plan or measurements of the space?Is There a Configuration you Have in Mind?Will You Need Power?
There are two main types of cubicles—Frame & Tile and Monolithic Panels. Frequently used sizes are 8×6 and 6×6 ftCubicles are highly configurable, however, installation requires a considerable amount of planning and measuring.There is any number of ways that cubicles can be configured to meet your needs. The most common are Pods and Runs.The two most common connections are Base Feeds and Power Poles. Monarch will work with your electrician and IT departments to ensure that the design is compatible.
Frame & Tile–These highly configurable tile frames can consist of a mix of tile, glass, and fabric.Floor plans that include columns, and/or angles will significantly impact layout options.Pods are frequently used to maximize space and to keep costs down.Base Feed–An electrical base power feed is hard wired into an electrical junction box near the cubicle panels where the data and electrical feed is connecting
Monolithic Panels—Paneled walls come in different materials, and can be short or tall, have holders, shelves, storage spaces, electrical hookupsPanels walls can be high or low, made of glass or sound-absorbing fabric. Add features to reduce clutter, cut costs, and expand storage options.Runs may also be called, straight or inline cubicles. They are frequently used to line a wall if the space is tight, or it is a small area.Power Pole—A structural pole that houses electricity and data that is accessed from the ceiling.
8×6 ft—This size is often used by Jr. Executives, Mid-Managers, and those in creative positions.If the cubicle size is small –use ergonomic features to expand its usefulness.Be sure to include storage options—drawers, files and open storage are popular optionsPower will run down the middle of the cubicle configuration or provide a receptable in the base of each panel.
6x6ft– are used in most modern offices. Units 5×2 and 4×2 ft are often used in call and data entry centers.Pre-owned cubicle systems can cost up to 60% less than new.Be mindful of ADA requirements when considering a configuration.Allow for creep space that is the area needed to run electric and data wiring to each cubicle.

This is a Pod

This is a Run