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Glass Boards | Filing & Storage | In Floor power tracks | Lighting | Screens | Signage | Sound absorbing (acoustical) | Mailroom furniture | Art

Monarch Office Furniture offers a variety of items to complete your space. Let us know your concerns and we will make your workplace more efficient. We offer ergonomic products that will make you more comfortable while working.


The term “Glass Board” encompasses a variety of products you can write on and erase, including whiteboards and chalkboards.  While paper flip boards and easels still have a place in the office arena, a glass board can transform any wall, tabletop or projection screen into a writing surface with style. Imagine having a cubicle wall or tabletop as a glass board – employees could sketch out their ideas, manage a calendar or task list, take notes from a phone call or voicemail without needing a scratch pad that could be inadvertently discarded.  And, your team could have more frequent and spontaneous small-group discussions because booking a conference room would be unnecessary.

At Monarch Office Furniture, we can help you elevate your writing surface.  We can find the right size rolling whiteboard, help design cubicles with whiteboard walls or desks, and help build out your conference rooms.  For more information, call us at 972-314-9333.


The digital age is here, but most companies and organizations still have papers to file and office supplies to store.  Choose from a variety of brands, colors and materials. Our most popular items include:

  • 2-drawer legal size lateral files
  • 2-drawer rolling peds
  • 5-drawer lateral files
  • 4-drawer lateral files with hutch
  • 3-shelf bookshelves
  • Wardrobe cabinet
  • Metal lockers

Not sure what you need? Monarch Office Furniture can review your office space and decor, file and cabinet dimensions, and present you with recommendations.  Call us at 972-314-9333.