Deliveries and Installations

Understanding Our Delivery and Installation Policies

Base pricing for deliveries is based upon it being within the DFW metroplex, to a single-story office building or a building with a freight elevator, and delivery is scheduled during normal business hours.  Pricing in the quote you signed includes the delivery and installation is based upon these parameters.

Additional fees may be added if the delivery and installation require stair carries, your delivery/install work begins before 8:00 am or after 4:00 pm. If delivery of the product to its final location is a long carry (unattached garage or street access only, or access that exceeds 50 ft) if there is a requirement to put down Masonite (or other types of floor coverings) during the installation. Additional fees may apply for a postponed or rescheduled delivery and/or installation. 

Additional fees for unusual items such as insulated files, safes, or oversized furniture. This requires hiring extra help or pulling internal staff to accomplish the delivery with Monarch’s preferred level of experience working in a commercial environment and with commercial furniture.

Plan for the Delivery/Installation

  • Tell us early on if there may be issues related to the delivery and installation that may be outside of the base pricing information as stated above.
  • Let us know well in advance if a COI (Certificate of Insurance) will be required.
  • Will there be security requirements and badges required for Monarch staff
  • We schedule our trucks and workers based on a very organized schedule, it is advisable to have the room clear of boxes, products, or equipment in the area where the installation will happen.

Keep Cost in Budget

Dependent upon what your company has ordered, it may require an electrician or your IT department to do work in advance of delivery and installation. If that work is not done to specification and in place when we arrive for the installation, we may have to reschedule the installation. The initial charge for delivery and installation will stand, and you may be charged for additional delivery and install dates.

If the client chooses to take partial delivery of their order, before the complete order arrives at the Monarch Warehouse, a delivery and install fee can be charged for each visit.

On-site Expectations

Our Monarch employees are there to deliver and install our products only, please do not ask nor expect employees to move boxes, rearrange furniture, or haul away old furniture that may have been at your location before the installation. Due to the characteristics of wood, fabrics, and other materials, there will be variations in colors and grains. Sometimes a sample may appear slightly different than your actual production.

Tailored Office Solutions for any Budget

Cubicles – Expert Help is Essential and Available

What Size Cubicle are you Considering?Do you have a floor plan or measurements of the space?Is There a Configuration you Have in Mind?Will You Need Power?
There are two main types of cubicles—Frame & Tile and Monolithic Panels. Frequently used sizes are 8×6 and 6×6 ftCubicles are highly configurable, however, installation requires a considerable amount of planning and measuring.There is any number of ways that cubicles can be configured to meet your needs. The most common are Pods and Runs.The two most common connections are Base Feeds and Power Poles. Monarch will work with your electrician and IT departments to ensure that the design is compatible.
Frame & Tile–These highly configurable tile frames can consist of a mix of tile, glass, and fabric.Floor plans that include columns, and/or angles will significantly impact layout options.Pods are frequently used to maximize space and to keep costs down.Base Feed–An electrical base power feed is hard wired into an electrical junction box near the cubicle panels where the data and electrical feed is connecting
Monolithic Panels—Paneled walls come in different materials, and can be short or tall, have holders, shelves, storage spaces, electrical hookupsPanels walls can be high or low, made of glass or sound-absorbing fabric. Add features to reduce clutter, cut costs, and expand storage options.Runs may also be called, straight or inline cubicles. They are frequently used to line a wall if the space is tight, or it is a small area.Power Pole—A structural pole that houses electricity and data that is accessed from the ceiling.
8×6 ft—This size is often used by Jr. Executives, Mid-Managers, and those in creative positions.If the cubicle size is small –use ergonomic features to expand its usefulness.Be sure to include storage options—drawers, files and open storage are popular optionsPower will run down the middle of the cubicle configuration or provide a receptable in the base of each panel.
6x6ft– are used in most modern offices. Units 5×2 and 4×2 ft are often used in call and data entry centers.Pre-owned cubicle systems can cost up to 60% less than new.Be mindful of ADA requirements when considering a configuration.Allow for creep space that is the area needed to run electric and data wiring to each cubicle.

This is a Pod

This is a Run

Your Essential Guide to Office Furniture Terms

B/B/F PedestalBox/Box/File Pedestal. The word pedestal (or commonly referred to as a “ped”) is a filing unit, typically about 15″ wide and located under a worksurface top.
Base FeedThe power source connection from the buildings electrical current to the systems furniture panel. (may also be known as Power Whip/Power Infeed)
Bow Front WorksurfaceA curved front side of the work surface gives visitors and collaborators a little extra workspace.
CasegoodsStorage that provides compartments and drawers files and other supplies, and includes wardrobes, hutches, and more.
CounterweightSmall weights in the base of a tall file cabinet that keeps it from tipping over when a loaded drawer is open.
Double Pedestal DeskA desk configuration that consists of left and right pedestal files and knee space in the center for the user.
ErgonomicsAlso referred to as human factors, is the science of fitting the tools and equipment of the workplace to the worker.
F/F PedestalFile/File Pedestal. The word pedestal (or commonly referred to as a “ped”) is a filing unit, typically about 15″ wide and located under a worksurface top.
Hanging Ped A short file cabinet that is hung from under a worksurface and does not touch the floor.
High-Pressure LaminateConsidered to be one of the most durable high-Pressure materials available, high-pressure laminate is resistant to scratches, stains, spills, and heat, and can achieve a wide variety of aesthetics.
LaminateA material formed by fusing two separate materials together. The term laminate can be used to describe both high-pressure laminate and direct pressure laminate.
Lead TimeThe amount of time needed for production and delivery of a piece of furniture after order entry.
Lumbar SupportA standard or available option on a good quality task chair that provides support for the lower back.
Mesh BackA breathable material on a chair that stretches to offer instant support.
Mobile PedestalA small storage unit that has casters to allow for mobility. Typically used for files and/or personal storage.
Modesty PanelA laminate, metal, or frosted glass panel that attaches to the bottom of a desk to provide extra privacy below the worksurface.
Nesting ChairAside or guest chair with a seat that flips up vertically, which allows it to be pushed closely against other chairs in that collection to save space, like a line of grocery carts.
Open PlanPartitions put together usually in the center of an office space to create an open working environment. Typically, it does not have a door or a ceiling.
Panel CreepWhen planning multiple workstation clusters for a space, it is the dimension of a panel’s thickness multiplied by how many times it occurs over the length of the space.
PedestalAlso referred to as a “ped,” is a filing unit, typically about 15″ wide and located under a worksurface top. Can be fixed or mobile that also acts as a support for an office desk or credenza.
Power PoleA floor to ceiling pole, like a small column bringing power and tele/data wiring to a workstation pod, in lieu of a floor feed.
PunchlistThe list that is generated after the project’s completion to indicate any items that are missing or damaged. Applies to architecture as well as to furniture.
Quick ShipA program offered by most furniture manufacturers makes some of their most popular or easily manufactured products available with accelerated lead times.
ReturnA work surface with one finished side, a pedestal file, and a modesty panel that attaches to a single pedestal desk or credenza to create an L-shaped workstation.
Space PlanIs a preliminary layout that graphically illustrates basic needs. It is drawn as if the building were “sliced” horizontally, the room and ceiling removed and viewed above. It indicates the placement of walls and type of construction, wall penetrations (doors, windows) defined exit ways.
Synchro-TiltA control mechanism in a desk chair that allows the user to recline the back while keeping the seat parallel to the floor, which encourages proper back alignment and increases circulation.
Systems FurnitureThe term for an office furniture system that is comprised of panels, work surfaces, and shelves. Cubicles and workstations are among the most common form of systems furniture.
VeneerA thin strip of real wood glued onto a substrate of plywood or particleboard.
Wall MountRefers to the installation of systems furniture pieces that are mounted directly to a drywall partition, rather than hung from a furniture panel.
Wire ManagementCharacteristics of a piece of furniture that conceal wires and power cords from view.

Understanding the Commercial Office Furniture buying process

New Office Furniture

We can

  • Find products that fit within your budget and scope of work
  • Create a layout that meets your criteria
  • Work with manufacturers to get finishes and samples
  • Try to meet your timeline-based upon product availability and shipping restrictions.

We need

  • To see the space or a floor plan
  • To know your budget and timeline
  • To know how the space will be used
  • If you have a particular design concept in mind

We will

  • Build most pieces in our warehouse but finish the install at your location
  • Coordinate our installation with your data/electric departments
  • Supply a COI (insurance certificate)
  • Do a final walk through with you

Monarch offers a full suite of services to help clients through every step of the process from project management and space planning to delivery and installation. Our goal is to help clients create new space from concept to completion with a focus on aesthetic, function, accessibility, productivity, comfort, and budget.

Pre-owned Office Furniture


  • You should have in mind what you want, and we’ll show you available options.
  • We want YOU to sit in our chairs!
  • You decide what is a good fit for your location and your budget.
  • Pre-owned is ‘sold as is’

You can

  • Review available furnishings online
  • Make an appointment to visit warehouse
  • Purchase pre-owned (warehouse) as well as order new product from our showroom
  • Feel confident that we’ll give you the best options for your project.


  • Purchased commercial grade furniture that will last for years
  • Saved both time and money
  • Made a great buying decision!

Why you want to work with a dealer

Expanded Product Offerings

  • Unlimited access to manufacturers nationwide
  • Access to manufacturer products-not available to the public
  • Products available at numerous price points
  • Our Associates use space planning tools for maximum potential and productivity.

Product Expertise

  • We coordinate all aspects of the project including delivery and installation.
  • Clients have access to professional who do site inspection, room measurements, and design and space planning.
  • Clients can increase their buying power by utilizing our pre-owned furniture in coordination with new.

Professional Installation

  • We provide custom builds that is fitted or retrofitted to the client’s location by our skilled and knowledgeable installers.
  • Large orders may involve hundreds of pounds of packing material we remove all packaging material from the jobsite.
  • Should a problem arise, installers will work with the business to resolve issues.

After Sales Support

  • Clients may be able to get additional items in a line that is no longer sold by the manufacturer.
  • Once a purchase is made through a dealer, if problems arise, they will work with the business to address any concerns.
  • Your business is important to us!